Think tying wire, think WintWire

WintWire is one of Europe’s leading manufactures of tying wire, due to the vast range of equipment, stock and availability.

Whether you are looking for black annealed mild steel tying wire or tying wire to go into a high temperature environment, WintWire has the solution.

Whilst carrying a range of tying wire sizes in stock, WintWire can also manufacture to order in with very short lead times to your exact packaging requirements.

Typically our tying wires vary from 0.25 to 5.00 mm and come in the annealed, solution annealed and soft condition 



  • Tying wire in lengths – Cut to your exact length
  • Tying wire in coil – Supplied in various weights to suit you
  • Tying wire with a set inside diameter – often we are asked for a tying wire with a certain inside diameter
  • Tying wire on spools – on a spool of your choice and the weight that suits you


  • Black annealed mild steel tying wire
  • Stainless Steel Tying Wire (304 / 316 / 321)
  • *Inconel Tying Wire (600 / 601 / 625 / X-750)
  • Nickel Chromes ( including 80/20)
  • Copper Wire (for electro plating plants)
  • Jigging Wire
  • Part no: 2706991-01
  • tying wire 0.9mm
  • Inconel 625 tying wire
  • hydraulic power tying wire
  • Others


All of which can be manufactured to our standard size range.

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