Other Brass Wire

WintWire manufacturers a range of other brass wires alongside its core range of 63/37 and 70/30 brass wires. Each of the brass wires we manufacture carries certain properties such as excellent resistance with good strength and ductility. Brass offers the user outstanding cold workability, making it the ideal choice for many cold formed part. We also offer the following brass wires:

CuZn20 / CW503L2.025079.0-81.0Bal.0-0.020.0-0.050.0-0.050.0-0.300.0-0.100.0-0.20
CuZn15 / CW502L2.024084.0-86.0Bal.0-0.020.0-0.050.0-0.050.0-0.300.0-0.100.0-0.10
CuZn10 / CW501L2.023089.0-91.0Bal.0-0.020.0-0.050.0-0.050.0-0.300.0-0.100.0-0.10

Other brass wires available by special order and request include:

  • CZ121 – free machining
  • CZ131 free machining
  • CuZn40 – Muntz Metal
  • CuZn34 66% Yellow Brass
  • CuZn33
  • CuZn32
  • CuZn28
  • CuZn20 – Low Brass 80%
  • CuZn18
  • CuZn13 – Jewellery Bronze
  • CuZn5 – Gilding 5%

SizesRound Wire0.10 – 12.00 mm dia.
Shaped WireUpto 45 mm2 area
Flat WireThinnest 0.15 mm
Widest 12.00 mm

Available in four conditions
Condition 1:AnnealedThe material has been supplied in the fully softened
Condition 2:Light DrawnThe material has been lightly drawn "skin passed" after annealing
Condition 3:Hard DrawnThe material has been drawn hard with either a bright surface or a soap coated surface
Condition 4:Specified TensileThe material has been drawn to your desired tensile range

Also known as

  • Brass Wire

    Available in

    • Round Wire
    • Shaped Wire


    • Fasteners
    • Cold Formed Parts
    • Decorative
    • Architecture
    • Locks


      • In Coil
      • In Lengths
      • On Formers
      • On Spools

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