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Brass Wire
Carbon Alloy Steel

WintWire is not limited to any carbon alloy grade. Using its vast network of well-established suppliers, WintWire can offer most carbon alloy grades.

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Carbon Steel

WintWire manufactures a range of mild steel wires. Materials in this section can be coated, including copper coating, copper wash, galvanising, bright drawing, soap drawing or bright polished finish.

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Copper Wire
Phosphor Bronze
Titanium Grade 5

Titanium grade 5 wire or Ti-6AL-4V is an alpha-beta alloy. It is one of the most common titanium grades available on the market today. Grade 5 titanium offers excellent resistance to many oil and gas environments. The alpha-beta alloy resists a wide range of acids especially those at lower concentrations and temperatures. Titanium offers a good ratio of low density to high strength making it the ideal consideration for weight reduction.

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Other Wires

WintWire can work in most malleable metals. We can produce round and profile wires including aluminium, gold, silver and platinum.
WintWire offers a hirework service in which we can roll, draw, anneal, cut, spool or de-coil your free issue material.

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