WintWire offers a range of subcontract processes.

Hirework cut to length

One of our most popular hirework services is to cut a clients material to length.

We can cut rounds and shapes to lengths ranging from 5mm through to 10 metres.

We can also cut to more than one length, so you may choose to have 50% at one length and 50% at another.

Just let us know at the enquiry stage and our sales team will offer you a tailored quotation.

Hirework roll or draw

WintWire can undertake hirework rolling or drawing on your behalf.

If you have old redundant stock or specific grade material which you require reworking, then it can be processed into our wire within our size range.

Whether it be drawing down to the next gauge size or drawing from free issue wire rod to small sizes, we can offer to your exact requirements.

Hirework re-spool

Hirework re-spooling can be done on most wires, whether it be because the current packaging is not suitable, or that you require the spool splitting down into multiple spools, WintWire can service your requirements.

With a good range of our own spools, we can offer from stock or we can re wind on to your free issue spools.

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