Textile Industry

Over a hundred years of tradition and reputation back and support our production of wire for the textile and medical industry.

Sectors include needle manufacturing and ring traveller manufacturing.

We provide this range of wires from 0.10 mm diameter in carbon, carbon alloy and stainless steels.

WintWire also offers its carbon alloy wire with industry leading “FLY STRAIGHT” technology.

Whilst the wire leaves the coil and enters the machine the client will find the material is dead straight – no need for extra working, aggressive casting and straightening rolls.

The material enters the machine straight, ready for its first operation.

This unique offering is enormously favoured during the manufacturing of latch needles.

Did you know?

WintWire produces needle wire used in the manufacturing process of transcatheter aortic heart valves.

When you need precision wire, look no further than WintWire.

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