Brass Wire CZ106

CZ106 Brass Wire or 2.0265 is an alloy of copper and zinc mixed together sometimes reffered to as cartridge brass. Brass wire offers high corrosion resistance as well as excellent cold forming properties. This brass wire sometimes reffered to as CW505L has approxiamtely 70% copper and 30% zinc, however there can someimes be trace elements of other chemcials. Brass is extremeley popular as a decorative wire and can be found in a wide range of applicaitons. This brass can be found in EN12166 and BS2873 specifications.


SizesRound Wire0.10 – 12.00 mm dia.
Shaped WireUpto 45 mm2 area
Flat WireThinnest 0.15 mm
Widest 12.00 mm

Available in four conditions
Condition 1:AnnealedThe material has been supplied in the fully softened
Condition 2:Light DrawnThe material has been lightly drawn "skin passed" after annealing
Condition 3:Hard DrawnThe material has been drawn hard with either a bright surface or a soap coated surface
Condition 4:Specified TensileThe material has been drawn to your desired tensile range

Also known as

  • CW505L
  • CuZn30
  • C26000

    Available in

    • Round Wire
    • Shaped Wire


    • Fasteners
    • Cold Formed Parts
    • Decorative
    • Architecture
    • Locks


      • In Coil
      • In Lengths
      • On Formers
      • On Spools

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