Hastelloy B-3

Alloy B-3 wire or 2.4600 is a nickel-molybdenum alloy which offers excellent resistance to hydrochloric and sulfuric acids at all concentrations and temperatures. Its chemical composition has been designed to offer a superior level of thermal stability in comparison to alloy B-2. (Note: Ni+Mo = Min 94, Max 98%). A trading name of Haynes International

Hastelloy B-

Round Wire0.10 – 12.00 mm dia.
Shaped WireUpto 45 mm2 area
Flat WireThinnest 0.15 mm
Widest 12.00 mm

Available in four conditions
AnnealedThe material has been supplied in the fully softened
Light DrawnThe material has been lightly drawn "skin passed" after annealing
Hard DrawnThe material has been drawn hard with either a bright surface or a soap coated surface
Specified TensileThe material has been drawn to your desired tensile range

Also known as

  • Alloy B3
  • 2.46
  • N10675
  • AWS 051

    Available in

    • Round Wire
    • Shaped Wire


    • Pressure Vessels
    • Chemicals Processing
    • Wire Formed Parts


      • In Coil
      • In Lengths
      • On Formers
      • On Spools

      Applicable Standards

      • ASTM B619
      • ASTM B335

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